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Pre Entry Power Boat

A half day course to coach and assess that practical skills and background knowledge needed to become a Powerboat instructor.  The day is a mixture of classroom work and sessions on the water. For more information click here,
I.S.A. courses are run in I.S.A. Recognised Teaching Centres.

Category : Powerboat Instructor Course
Curriculum :
  • The half day course will be a combination of classroom and on the water sessions
  • Classroom session, Backgound Knowledge assessment and knowledge top up (topics Meteorology, Tides, Bouyage, Sailing Terms IRPCS).
  • This may involve an aural questioning with written answers or calculations.
  • On the water, coaching and test of specific pre entry exercises.
  • For more information,
Prerequisites :
  • Minimum 17 years within 6 months of competion of the course.
  • Skills equivalent to Safety Boat Level or above.
Qualifications :
  • Successful completion results in a  Powerboat Pre entry certificate.
  • This certificate is valid for one year from the date of the completion of the course. 
Course Type : Day Course
Duration : half day
Cost : €â‚¬80... group rates available
Notes :

Pre entry courses can be run on site for a club or centre
I.S.A. courses are run in I.S.A. recognised Teaching centres.
Course are run for up to 6 people by ISA SBSS Powerboat Trainer.
Contact us to plan a course.
Group rates available

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